kelvinator KEKSM00512 Cordless Electric Kettle with Dry Boil Protection, Auto Cut-off (Silver)

kelvinator KEKSM00512 Cordless Electric Kettle with Dry Boil Protection, Auto Cut-off (Silver)

  • 600 Watts, 1.2L SS with Cool Touch Body
  • Seamless Bottom, SS Steamer, egg boiler
  • Toughed Glass Lid, Dry boil protection
  • Auto cut-off, Temperature Controller switch
  • Cordless Kettle

The powerful 600W electric multi-cook kettle is lightweight, compact, and lets you cook food and boil water fast.

Multifunctional Cook Kettle is ideal for travellers and students alike, this multifunctional cook electric kettle will let you prepare different recipes. You can boil eggs, steam curries, make tea, coffee, and more.

The kettle is made of food-grade stainless steel, making it long-lasting and durable. The seamless bottom provides the kettle with better stability.

Toughened Glass Lid with Stand Rest Handle lets you cover the food inside the kettle easily, and for better grip, it comes with a stand rest handle.

With Temperature Control Knob, you can quickly boil water, eggs, and steam food as per your desired temperature with the help of the temperature control knob.

Double Wall & Cool Touch

The double wall keeps the food warm inside, and the cool touch feature lets you hold the kettle comfortably.

The electric kettle features dry boil protection which switches off heating element, preventing the kettle from damage if there isn’t enough water

Egg Boiler Stand

The egg boiler can boil up to 6 eggs together at a go and saves a lot of your time, water and energy.

Food Steamer with the food steamer attachment, you can steam and cook at the same time.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply

    240 V

  • Power Consumption

    600 Watts

  • Capacity

    1.2 litres

  • Indicators

    Power-On Indicator

  • Automatic Switch Off


  • Heating Element


  • Cordless Operation


  • Dry Boil Protection


  • Overheat Protection