Standing true to our values, we at Kelvinator, have always believed in improving lives through technology.

Hence, with our American origin, we carry forward a legacy of a hundred years by designing products that are user-friendly, innovative, and long-lasting.

We have now come up with a wide range of durable electronics, to cover all aspects of our consumer's life. By pushing technological boundaries, we aim to make life easier.

We always put our consumers first, and as part of our philosophy, the innovations have stemmed from understanding their needs and desires.

Our focus has been to make appliances that are meant for real usage by real people. We know the real use of electronics starts only after the first few weeks. And that's where our appliances make their mark — they are built to adapt to India's diverse geography, climates, and day-to-day usage.

Thus, our consumer durables are easy to use, reliable, and, quite literally, durable.