Kelvinator 7.5 Kg Top Loading Semi-Automatic Washing Machine, KWS-A750SM

Kelvinator 7.5 Kg Top Loading Semi-Automatic Washing Machine, KWS-A750SM

  • Square Dry, Active Soak
  • Advanced Magic Filter
  • 3 Layer Safety Features (Overheat Control, Overflow Control, Spin Tub Safety)

Square Dry

Square Dry feature, with 10 minute Spin Timer, Higher RPM motor & Special vents on spin lids, spin tub draws air from your home & circulates it around spin tub which helps to dry the cloths faster

Active Soak

Soak Process is used to soak clothes in detergent water to loosen the dirt from the clothes, which enhances the efficiency of regular wash function.

3 layer Safety Features

Machine has inbuilt safety features

1) Overflow control

By mistake if the water tap is left continuously open, then the Machine will throw excess water through the drain pipe to prevent any electrical part from damage

2) Overheat control

All motor have inbuilt over heat control which get active when Motor temperature goes above 140 Degree Celsius

3) Spin Tub safety

Rotation of Spin tub automatically stops on opening the Spin lid

Advanced Magic Filter

Magic Filter have small pores of mesh which collect the lint & dirt particles from the cloths. Compared to traditional Magic filter these redesigned magic filters are placed slightly towards the bottom side so that it will collect more lint & dirt.

In traditional semi-automatic washing machine, water draining is done by rotating the Drain knob, but here is dedicated key as like in Fully automatic.

Dual Waterfall

When Pulsator rotates, Pulsator bottom fins pushes the water to the nearest vertical cascades & make a waterfall.

Dual waterfall has double waterfalls which helps the detergent dissolve for effective rinsing process, and better magic filter activity.

Jumbo Pulsator

Jumbo Pulsator rotates & generate powerful current which will helps to dissolve detergent in water & clean every thread ensuring best quality wash plus detergent odor free clothes

Technical Specifications

  • Washing Machine Type


  • Rust Proof


  • Hard Water Wash


  • Capacity

    7.5 Kg

  • Loading Type


  • Automatic Water Control