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Kelvinator Tower Air Cooler Fabulo | 30L
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Honeycomb Pads for an Evolved Cooling Experience
Honeycomb Pads for an Evolved Cooling Experience
The honeycomb air cooler pads are a testament to evolution and smart design in air cooling. Made from composite materials and designed after a honeybee hive, the air cooler pads provide more efficient cooling and last longer than typical wool pads.
Water Level Indicator

The water level indicator in the Kelvinator Tower Air Cooler ensures uninterrupted cooling by warning you when the water is running low.

Ice Chamber

The Kelvinator Tower Air Cooler provides the ultimate cooling experience with a separate ice chamber to put ice cubes.

Motorized Vertical Louver

The motorized vertical louver in the Kelvinator tower air cooler ensures end to end airflow deflection, uniformly spreading air in all directions and cooling the entire room.

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