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Kelvinator KOTGR00230 Oven Toaster Griller (OTG) with Rotisserie, High Rise Grill for Barbeque (Black)
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Make delicious cakes, pizzas, roast chicken, grill vegetables with 20Litre Kelvinator Oven Toaster Griller (OTG). The Kelvinator OTG comes with 60 minutes timer giving you the flexibility to cook according to your needs. Multiple accessories to cater to modern cooking needs. The removable crumb tray facilitates easy cleaning.

1500-Watt Kelvinator OTG, makes your cooking faster and more efficient. Make delicious cakes, pizzas, and kababs ready in minutes.

Comes with a rotisserie spit which is a long rod used to grill whole chicken or make tikkas and kababs ala tandoori style. It rotates and hence the food is evenly cooked from all sides.

High Rise Grill Rack for Barbeque
High rise in the Grill Mesh Rack keeps barbeque crispy, hot and gives a clean finishing to the barbeque without sticking to the grill mesh. Also it is easy to clean the grill.

Upper & Lower Heating
Two heating elements one on top and other on the bottom, to maintain even heat from all sides, which heats up and bakes the dish as per your needs.

Inside Chamber Light
Have a controlled cooking experience with inside chamber light feature offered by Kelvinator OTG.

60 Minutes Timer with Bell Ring
The timer cooks the food for 60 minutes and once done it will ring a bell and turn-off automatically.

Stainless Steel Heating Element
Stainless steel has good heat resistance, dry burning resistance and mature technology which reduces the cost of maintenance.

Cool Touch handle
Kelvinator OTG handle is made of stainless steel which is a corrosion resistant. The cool touch handle protects your hand from burning.

Three Operation Knobs
According to your recipe, adjust the temperature (up to 230° Celsius), time (up to 60 minutes) and heat settings (4 heating modes). Bake, Grill and Toast variety of dishes by easily rotating knobs according to your needs.

Auto Shut-Off
The OTG automatically shut off after reaching the desired time limit to prevent over cooking.

Kelvinator OTG comes with 1N Baking tray + 1N Crumb tray + 1N Tray Handle + 1N High rise grill mesh rack + 4N Stainless Steel Sticks + 1N Rotisserie Shaft + 1N Rotisserie Fork.

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