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Kelvinator KDF-14B01S 14 Place Dishwasher with Intense Wash Technology, Silver
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Purifies water to ease life!
Purifies water to ease life!
If you have poor water quality in your area, the inlet pipe in the Dishwashers has a filter that purifies the water for cleaning. The clean water protects the insides of the machinery and extends its life. Therefore, enabling it for the long run and hassle-free life.
Power Wash

Increases the wash temperature, adding to the water inlet time for strong washing

Multiple Programmes

Allows selection of multiple programmes(6 & 8 wash) to cover all types of dishes.

Customised Spray Levels

According to the load it sprays and cleans efficiently; 2 sprayers if 2 baskets, 3 sprayers if 3 baskets

Compact Size

Made to easily fit on the kitchen top.

Delay Start

Allows pre-selecting of the desired time of washing with maximum flexibility

Memory Function

During sudden power cuts, the dishwasher continues working from the beginning of each stage

Double Basket

The kitchen load won’t be a load anymore! The Double Basket feature lets you fit all the load in the upper, lower, or both baskets, and cleans them with much ease.

Optimum Water Usage

Clean untensils using 8-10 litres of water in 1 cycle

Eco Wash

An energy & water-efficient programme suitable to wash normally soiled tableware

Low Power Consumption

Consumes extremely low power, when the dishwasher is on the StandBy mode (up to 0.45W)

Soft Klean

The pH measurement sensor detects the tap water hardness and uses salt to maintain it

Triple Basket

Top, Upper and Lower basket are designed to clean as per need

A++ Energy Efficient

While dishwashers can be heavy on the pocket, ours aren't! They are wired to conserve more energy and water at once.

Child Lock

Locks all the buttons except the ON/OFF and turns non-operational

Super Big LED Display

Updates about the current operation type, remaining time, errors for better understanding & troubleshooting

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