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Kelvinator Hygiene Pro Front Load Washing Machines Silver grey | 7kg
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A wash program for every need
A wash program for every need
Whether you’re washing cotton, synthetic or delicate garments, the Kelvinator fully automatic washing machine has a program for every laundry need. Simply relax and let its Hygiene Plus program clean a full load of soiled clothes with water temperature as high as 90 degrees!
Jet Spray

Powerful water spray cleans the door gasket and detergent residue on the door glass.

Baby Care

Crafted for babies and their delicate skin, this removes possibilities of detergent residue with an additional rinse.


The tub is built to eliminate vibrations during spin cycles, even while it spins at high speeds.

Memory Backup

After an electricity failure, the machine resumes the cycle from where it was interrupted.

Error Monitoring

Faulty operations are self-diagnosed and error codes are displayed for easy troubleshooting.

Antibacterial Gasket

Antibacterial rubber gaskets around the door seal keep your clothes uncontaminated.

Child Lock

The Control Panel of the machine gets deactivated to stop careless alterations.

Overflow Control

Prevents overflow of water from the tub edges if the user forgets to close the water tap.

Overheating Control

This function activates when the motor temperature rises above 140O C.

Self Clean

Hot water of 90O C flushes and sterilises internal parts while also removing foul odour.

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