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Kelvinator Value Wash Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Intex Blue | 8 kg
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Power Dry
Power Dry
The Power Dry feature, with 10 minute Spin Timer, Higher RPM motor & Special vents on spin lids, spin tub draw air from your home & circulate around spin tub which helps to dry the cloths faster.
Spin Safe

The spin tub stops rotating automatically when the user opens the spin lid

Active Soak

Soak Process is used to dip clothes in detergent water to loosen the dirt from the clothes, which enhance the efficiency of regular wash function.

Special Overflow Channel

Prevents overflow of water from the tub edges if the user forgets to close the water tap.

Overheating Control

This function activates when the motor temperature rises above 140 Degree C.

IPX4 protection

The washing machine can withstand water splashes from all directions.

Magic Filter

Easy-to-clean mesh that collects fibres, hair, paper and fluff to prevent clogging and deliver a dirt-free wash.

4 Wash Program

A variety of wash programs is available with varying rotation rhythms to suit all kinds of garments.

Collar Scrubber

The machine sports a lined patch that can be used to scrub cuffs, collars and other tough areas to clean, this saving your time and effort.

Caster Wheels

A set of wheels makes it convenient to move or transport the machine from one spot to another.

End-cycle Buzzer

A minute before the wash cycle is complete, a beeping sound alerts the user.

Water Level Adjuster

The machine comes with an in-built mechanism to adjust the water level as per the need

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