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Kelvinator Dry Master Top Load Washing Machines Silver grey | 8 kg
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8 different ways to do the laundry
8 different ways to do the laundry
Whether you just need a 15-minute wash cycle or your jeans need intense cleaning, Kelvinator fully automatic washing machine has a program for every laundry need. Just pick between the ‘Quick 15’ or ‘Jeans’ programs and let the machine do its thing!
Air Dry

While spinning the machine sucks in air to dry clothes 25% faster, even during monsoon.

Magic Filter

Easy-to-clean mesh that collects fibres, hair, paper and fluff to prevent clogging and deliver a dirt-free wash.

Memory Backup

After and electric failure, the machine resumes the cycle from where it was interrupted.

Spin Safe

The tub stops rotating automatically when the user opens the top lid.

Error Monitoring

Faulty operations are self-diagnosed and error codes are displayed for easy troubleshooting.

Auto Balance

Corrects the balance of the drum if clothes are piled unevenly, thereby reducing vibration.

LED Display

The display panel shows updates about the wash cycle, remaining wash time and errors.

Child Lock

The Control Panel of the machine gets deactivated to stop careless alterations.

Clean Tub

High-pressure water washes off dust and debris, reduces occurrence of rust, and prolong drum life.

Special Overflow Channel

Prevents overflow of water from the tub edges if the user forgets to close the water tap.

Overheating Control

This function activates when the motor temperature rises above 140O C.

Soft Closing

Special damper design protects the machine lid from sudden impact.

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